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Gian Franco Leone sensei began practicing Aikido in 1969 in the
Doyukai (Aikikai) Academy in Turin, Italy.

In 1984 he organized, together with Paolo Corallini Shihan,
Saito Sensei's first seminar in Italy, which was held in Turin.

Since then he has devoted himself to the practice of Iwama Ryu
Aikido ( as it was called in those days, today Takemusu Aikido)
and traveled many times to Japan, together with
his years long friend Dr. Paolo Corallini Sensei, to train under Saito sensei in Iwama.
He was aikido sector national consultant for the FIKDA for 2 years
and headed the technical commission for northern  Italy of the U.I.A.
(Unione Italiana Aikido - Aikido Italian union).

Since 1989 to 2005 he was the general secretary of Iwama Ryu Italy
(now Takemusu Aikido Association Italy), member of the national
exams technical committee  and headed the Takemusu Aikido Association
Italy in Piemonte (Piedmont).


In the year 2000 Leone Sensei was awarded by the late Morihiro Saito Sensei 5th Dan Bukiwaza (the highest degree for weapons in Aikido) and in the year 2003 he was awarded 5th Dan Taijutsu.
Happy times in Iwama
During the years of practice he has been invited to teach in countless national and international seminars in Europe.

In November 19th 2005 Leone
sensei passed away after a long
fight with cancer.
He was a great teacher and a good friend.
He will be greatly missed.

Leone Sensei and Saito Sensei in front of the Aikido ie

The late Leone sensei and Saito Sensei in the Hirori

 Leone Sensei and Corallini Sensei together in Iwama
Leone Sensei and Corallini Sensei Kumitachi practice in Aiki shuren dojo, Iwama
Leone Sensei and Corallini Sensei together in Iwama


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