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Dr. Lyor Gotloib was born in Afula, Israel in 1972.

Born to Dr. Lazaro Gotloib, a long time wrestler, began his study of
martial arts as a young boy, first taught by his father.

Later Lyor enrolled in a judo dojo in Toronto, Canada, where the Gotloib family
lived until 1981.

Upon returning to Israel Lyor enrolled in a Karate dojo and studied Shotokan
karate for 10 years reaching the rank of Nidan.

During his Karate years Lyor also won several competitions and in 1987 won
second place in the Israeli national Karate championship for the under 18
Prior to his mandatory military service he studied Krav Maga (KMI) under the
chief Krav Maga instructor for the police academy, Rachamim.
During his military service Lyor underwent several Krav Maga courses intended
for combat soldiers.

In 1996 Lyor went to Italy to continue his academic education and there first
started to study Aikido under the late GianFranco Leone sensei (5th dan
Taijutsu 5th Dan Bukiwaza).

In Italy Lyor met Dr. Paolo N. Corallini Shihan (7th Dan Taijutsu 5th Dan
Bukiwaza) and began attending to almost every seminar Corallini Shihan

Lyor also attended most of the late Morihiro Saito Shihan seminars in Italy and
several other European countries.

On numerous occasions Lyor taught at Leone Sensei's request and was sent
several times to different regions in Italy (mainly Liguria) to help spread
Takemusu Aikido.

During the debilitating illness of his teacher, GianFranco Leone Sensei, Lyor
was asked by his sensei to take over one of his courses and so he did.                                         

After the tragic death of GianFranco Leone Lyor asked Dr. Corallini Shihan to become his student and Dr. Corallini shihan accepted.
In 2005 Lyor was awarded the rank of Nidan taijutsu and in 2006 he was awarded the rank Sandan Bukiwaza both by Dr. Corallini Shihan.

In 2006 Lyor finally came back home to his beloved Israel after completion of his academic studies.
Lyor continues to frequent seminars and soto deshi camps directed by Dr. Corallini Shihan.

Lyor is a member of the Takemusu Aikido Kyokai and is its representative in Israel.
Lyor and Dr. Corallini Shihan


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