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Aikido is a relatively modern Japanese martial art (beginning of the 20th century), although it's roots have more antique origin.
It was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, or O'sensei (great teacher) as his followers call him.

The word Aikido is made out of three different kanji:

Aikido therefore is the way of harmony, it is the way of love and union.

Aikido tries to blend with the attack and use the attacker's strength to overpower him, leaving to the will of the Aikidoka  whether to injure the attacker or just subdue him.

When defining aikido, O'sensei used to say "Aikido is first and foremost BUDO" (Budo - martial art or art of war), but it is not just budo in it's physical sense but rather it includes many philosophical and esoteric instances within it.

Morihei Ueshiba (O'sensei) intended to teach through the practice of Aikido the unification of humanity with itself and with the universe, to teach all mankind that man should be one with the universe and still be the universe himself.

O'sensei used to teach not only through practice but also through verbal teachings or "Kuden".

One of his most important Kuden is : "Every living thing in the universe is a whole universe itself".

Thus, a true Aikidoka, though having the possibility of hurting his opponent, always opts not to do so but rather subdue his opponent.

Another important Kuden of O'sensei is " when being attacked one must engulf ones opponent with a sphere  of love, unite with him and be one. Only then can a technique be applied, only then can Aikido exist."

The physical aspect of Aikido is based on the blending with the attack, whether attacked by another or performing an attack, and thus applying a technique in order to subdue ones opponent.
Do - meaning way, path.
Morihri Ueshiba-founder of Aikido
Ki - meaning spirit, energy.

Ai - meaning harmony, union.


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